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for keeping demand-creation spendin - Posted By yaya2017 (yaya2017) on 11th Oct 19 at 3:40am
In two of the last three years, the increase in demand-creation Nike Air Max 1 Damen expenses has been lower than revenue growth. This follows the company's longer-term Nike Air Max 90 Mujer trend. In fiscal 2011, its demand-creation expenses amounted to 11.7% of revenue. Last year, they were 9.6%. Nike's gross profit in its fiscal first quarter increased by $474 million Nike Air Vapormax Femme from $4.397 billion to $4.871 billion. However, demand-creation expenses increased by only $54 million. Total operating expenses grew by $265 million, which meant roughly half of the increase in gross profit dropped straight to the bottom line, fueling a robust improvement in profit. Pre-tax income improved by 23% to Nike Air Max 90 Donne $1.561 billion, up $291 million from the year-ago quarter.

Given the strength of its brand, Nike Air Max 90 Femme Nike should be able to continue leveraging any spending it does do to fuel outsized profit growth and use the extra savings to reinvest in technology -- an area where the company is developing a significant competitive advantage.Because Nike Nike Air Max 1 Dames doesn't need to spend as much on expenses like marketing to achieve its desired results, the company can direct more resources toward widening its competitive moat. It's investing in technology in several areas, including innovation, data analytics, and Nike Air Max 270 Femme digital commerce platforms like the Nike app and SNKRS app. In addition, Nike recently acquired Celect, a predictive data analytics firm that will help it better anticipate demand. These are the areas that will power Nike's success over the long term, as Nike Air Vapormax Femme evidenced by its robust growth in digital sales.

Last quarter alone, digital sales were up 42% year over year, adjusted for foreign currency changes. The company's apps are helping it forge deeper connections with customers. Nike is investing to deliver more Nike Air Max 90 Femme personalized shopping experiences, and in this age of e-commerce, digital Nike Air Max TN Mujer access to products is essential for growing sales. Memberships to Nike Plus are proving to be an effective tool for keeping demand-creation spending down. Once customers are signed up, Nike delivers alerts about new product launches and gives members Adidas Superstar Damen early access. In the last quarter, more than 50% of Nike's digital growth came from these members. Over the last three years, the number of active users across its apps has more than doubled.