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gorgeous vertical large windows - Posted By wood (goodwood) on 13th Jul 20 at 1:32am
"The lazy days of summer have finally arrived. There are also endless lemonade stalls, a breezy cotton vest skirt, cold watermelon and lingering sunscreen smell. I like to enjoy this special season. Am I the only one, or the most pungent memories created in summer? This is probably due to the long day, warm evenings, and time spent with family and friends in their own outdoor oasis. It seems that I experienced it in Southern California After the endless "May Grey", I was extremely excited and integrated a new touch in my patio, embracing the warm sunshine from my own comfortable home. It’s time to enjoy those cool days in your fresh outdoor living space It's windy. Use one of the following five methods to add fun to your backyard shelter and make your porch a tempting place to relax, or just take a nap and temporarily stay away from reality.
5. Swinging swing
Comfortable and comfortable, I like the southern feeling that the swing brings to the patio. I imagined myself curling up with my son, looking at his favorite book, a cup of fresh ice tea rippling in the sunset. This is the real memory of summer! Tourists can't help kicking back and forth Poly Shutters, slowly swinging on the swing. You will be surprised to find out how much time you spend outdoors for this brand new seat.
4. Long lasting carpet
Outdoor rugs provide the same aesthetic appeal to your courtyard as they provide to the living room. By adding colors, patterns, styles and textures to define an area, they can also resist weather factors, otherwise it will tear the carpet into pieces. Simply shake, sweep, or occasionally clean, this is all the maintenance needed for outdoor carpets. Also affordable, it is truly amazing how adding a carpet will change your courtyard.
3. Bright pillow
Patio furniture can be quite "nonsense" when you go home from the store. Without fashionable colors and patterns, your furniture will be as boring as others. Who wants this? Play with colors and patterns and exciting outdoor friendly pillows in your patio. Match accessories such as carpets and cushions to create a professional and unique look. In addition, your brand new pillow will provide a comfortable seat on the dog day.
2. Cooling the treatment window
Window processing is no longer just for your window. Today, there are a variety of useful functions, weatherproof curtains and solar visors can provide your outdoor oasis. With so many possible window treatments, try to use interesting curtains to create a little privacy, or combine solar screens to provide shade and protection on those hot days. Both of these options can actually reduce the amount of incident light and make the enclosed area significantly cooler. If your patio does not have a roof, you can even buy an awning to block the sun from above.
Hang hammock
Although the typical patio furniture creates an inviting atmosphere for gathering with friends and family, the hammock adds a terrace unlike any other. Passing time or taking a refreshing nap on your summer book list, I like the feeling of weightlessness hanging on a hammock. Trust me, no one can resist climbing into this comfortable woven seat-your entire family will adore this add-on.
The patio is the perfect place for you to enjoy morning coffee, enjoy an intimate outdoor dinner, or share stories with your loved ones. Your patio is a space that connects you with the outdoors while still feeling safe at home. Put a summer on your yard today and enjoy the coming summer. "
I hope that the green has covered your world now, because the summer is in full swing, and the attractive greenery of the earth strengthens your emotions. Green is a soothing and relaxing color, which is our second favorite color, second only to blue. In the spectrum visible to the human eye, green occupies the largest space, making green the brightest color. Green is the color of night vision goggles, because human eyes are most sensitive to this color, which allows us to distinguish the darkest shades of green. Green is also the basic color of life, because chlorophyll, the green color found in plants, initiates the entire photosynthesis process, producing oxygen, the element of life, for everything on earth. Without green, there is no life!
For centuries, green has captured our imagination with its life-giving power and fresh Cafe Style Shutters, harmonious and comfortable qualities (think Perrier, Starbucks, Doublemint gum, surf). No wonder green can resonate as a magical color, and it is suitable in all our decoration. Green can reduce stress and anxiety, and can be a calm but powerful color choice when dealing with styling windows. We like green windows in various colors, patterns and shapes. Make the window green today!
Green roman blind
Roman curtains, with their soft and elegant folds, roll down the window in an endless green pattern and amazing shadows cast a lively attitude in any room of your house. Green Roman is a gorgeous style.
Green roll shadow
The roller shadow is so smooth and simple, but active in green, whether it is a dramatic custom printed shadow or a more subtle pattern, it is always a complete room. One of my favorite wheels is our own "Kellie Green", which can only be found in our simple and chic series at Blindsgalore, or choose a green graphic pattern to match your green scene.
Green cloth
Curtains are so versatile, they can be very long and luxurious in the living room or bedroom, and can also be used as curtains for cafes in the kitchen. The green plaid curtains add a rustic, casual and chic look to any kindergarten, soothing and caring for our youngest and most vulnerable loved ones. Now is the time when we are eager to go out. Green outdoor curtains are the perfect match for "outdoor" leisure and entertainment. Your favorite books and fruits leave you in an instant, you float in the whistling sound of silver sunshine and elegant breeze. Dream in green!
Green vertical
Abandoning the clumsy, unfashionable metal vertical ideas is an explosion of the past. Rethink the use of these gorgeous green vertical large windows, in a soft, quiet transparent material, or use bright green vertical materials to make your room full of modern atmosphere, rather than boring window treatment. Mint green supplements a room vertically, begging to comfort you after a long day. Yes, the vertical decoration can be a dynamic and changing decoration element of the room, it is a statement, all by yourself.
Now, when you choose green window processing, don't be jealous that I give you a green light to explore greener pastures. Green is full of possibilities to create a warm, comfortable and expressive home. Let the wonders of nature inspire you and enjoy the new scenery with the green window treatments you will like. "